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What's New

The MVP Open x OTB constantly strives to improve. We actively seek player, spectator, and local community feedback and this page lists some of the results of that feedback.

There are lots of little things we do in the background that will make the tournament run smoother and more fun, but these are the big changes you can expect in 2024.

Hole 18 Bleachers

It is time. We will be renting a 50' set of bleachers to replace the low rise bleachers currently on hole 18, tripling the amount of seating capacity in that one space. Get ready to make some noise!


Jumbotron at Hole 1

The jumbotron at 18 was a success, and people asked for another one at hole 1. Disco! We like that idea and are looking to have two jumbotrons in 2024. Imagine what we will be able to do for the East Coast Metal Roofing $20K CTP Giveaway with a jumbotron?!?!?

MVPOpen2023-2098 (1)_edited.jpg

Ticket Rebrand

We are simplifying our tickets, and making them on brand with the five course colors at Maple Hill.

  • Red Level - the old General Admission tickets

  • White Level - Red Level plus holes 8 & 9.

  • Blue Level - White Level plus holes 3-6 and part of 18 fairway.

  • Diamond Level - Blue Level plus the Sap house indoor restrooms.

  • Gold Level - The Insider Pass

Artboard 5_2x-100_edited_edited_edited.j

Abundant Signage

In addition to "You are here" signs at every street corner, we will also have arrows pointing to the closest bathrooms, food/beer vendors, as well as info, security, and the parking lots.

Mini Map_2x-20.jpg

Triple the Shuttles

The lines for the shuttles to the offsite parking lot will be ten minutes or less, guaranteed. If it takes you longer than that to get on a shuttle, let us know and we will refund your parking tickets. Even with triple the drivers, we will still have the happiest shuttle drivers in the industry.

PXL_20230917_160213414 (1).jpg

More Lights at Maple After Dark Check-in

Maybe not quite as many in the picture, but it will feel welcoming and populated. Maple After Dark is one of the spectator highlights and more lights will make it even better.

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